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Petro-Florida manufactures and distributes various antifreeze. We carry different kinds of antifreeze Dexcool red extended, heavy duty hvac etyhlene glycol and more. Delivery in Miami available.

New generation antifreeze

Intelligent antifreeze is a new generation based on organic substances as anti-corrosive additives. They form a thin protective film in the cooling system of engines, which prevents the formation of corrosion. The particles of inhibitors settle on a corrosive surface and continue to affect the metal for a long time. A significant advantage is also their ability to maintain optimum thermal mode of the engine.
In addition to the traditional coolant fluids and antifreeze of the new generation, there are also hybrid ones. During the production of such antifreeze, traditional additives are used in small quantities. The only minus in comparison with the antifreeze of the new generation is the lifetime. By their operational properties, they practically do not differ from the intellectual antifreeze. The life of such antifreeze increased and allowed a mileage of up to 150 thousand kilometers.
Extraction of excess water in antifreeze is excluded. In the process of mixing, antifreeze concentrate is prepared, in which only ethylene glycol and concentrate of additives are involved as the starting components; water is not present at this stage.
Before the coolant gets into bottles, a sample is taken from the reactor and checked for 6 indicators, 4 indicators can recognize “excess water”. One of these indicators will be – the concentration of water in the concentrate, which may have a maximum permissible figure of 3.5%. All data is recorded and entered into a computer database for statistical processing. Antifreeze concentrate is spilled, only in new barrels filled with compressed nitrogen. During opening, such barrels produce cotton, which is part of the entry barrel check. The barrels filled with concentrate are sealed. Seals are removed only at the factory of the car manufacturer, during refueling of the cooling system with antifreeze.