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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
Automotive - Industrial - Commercial - Marine


We Build Blending & Packaging Facilities.

It’s a time to become an independent blender.
That means high profit margin.
We are offering a lifetime opportunity!
A complete package with custom installation.
We’ll provide you the keys and over 200 blending formulas to your blending & packaging facility for motor oil, lubricants, and antifreeze.

We build it – you own and operate it

Turnkey business start-up. No experience required. Management training & support. High profit margin. Private label market identity. Customized website.
Blending software with over 200 blending formulas. Commercial – Industrial – Automotive – Specialty.
40 years combine experience in oil blending industry.
Government business potential.Limited locations available.

You cannot afford to pass up an opportunity like this in today’s market!!

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