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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
Automotive - Industrial - Commercial - Marine

Petro-Florida manufactures and distributes various grease. We carry different kinds of grease including extreme pressure grease, heavy duty red grease and many more. Delivery in Miami available.
High-temperature lithium grease red, Petro-Florida, based on high-quality synthetic base oil. Designed for use at high temperatures for wheel bearings with conventional, disc brakes and ABS. Can be used with a continuous operating temperature of 325 ° F and for a short time up to 450 ° F.
Special additives prevent corrosion, reduce wear and provide protection at extreme pressure, is resistant to washing out with water, and good fluidity at cold temperatures.
Used for both heavy-duty chassis and for lubricating wheel bearings, it is resistant to oxidation. Today, most cars are manufactured with disc brakes. Petro-Florida protects the wheel bearings of cars, buses, minivans, trucks and farm equipment with disc brakes, even under heavy loads. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use.

Petro-Florida is a high-quality multi-purpose grease based on high-index mineral oil, containing extreme pressure, anti-wear, antioxidant and anticorrosion additives to improve performance in various applications.

Application area

Widely used in industry, transport, agricultural and other machinery.
Sliding and rolling bearings operating under severe conditions, such as:
high loads;
high temperatures;
shock loads;
presence of water.

Excellent mechanical stability under vibration conditions The consistency of the lubricant is maintained for a long time, even under conditions of severe vibration.
Good anti-corrosion properties Provides protection against corrosion.
Extended service life at moderate temperatures Allows to increase the intervals between maintenance, reducing downtime and lubricant consumption.
Good oil separation Excellent lubrication properties and reliable long-term operation.
Does not contain lead and nitrites
Safe to use.