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Propylene Glycol


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Propylene Glycol.

Use of propylene glycol 45% of the world’s produced propylene glycol is used as a chemical raw material for the production of unsaturated polyester resins.
The use of propylene glycol is considered safe for the production of food products and medicines. Food propylene glycol is used as an additive E1520, which is a solvent and food preservative, and is also used for tobacco products and animal feed, is the main ingredient in liquids used in electronic cigarettes.
The use of propylene glycol is also possible in the manufacture of personal care products and cosmetics, such as elixirs and body lotions, shampoos, emulsions, pastes, creams and lipsticks. Properties of propylene glycol to increase and lower the temperature of liquids allow it to be used in de-icing fluids for airplanes and antifreezes for automobiles, in air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in residential buildings, in food cooling systems and other heat exchange equipment.

Propylene glycol is a clear and viscous substance that has a density higher than that of water (a substance density of 1.03 g / l at a standard temperature of 20 ° C). Its feature is also that the propylene glycol freezes at -60 ° C, and boils at 187.4 ° C. An aqueous solution of this substance (60%) solidifies at an even lower temperature of -70 ° C.
Extract propylene glycol from oil products, with the help of special operations such as sublimation, purification and approbation. In addition, propylene glycol has properties that make it particularly valuable: for example, it is possible to dissolve simultaneously components with hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, so that you can mix substances that, under normal conditions, do not mix with each other.

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