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DexCool Red Extended Life 50/50 Anti-Freeze


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DexCool Red Extended Life 50/50 Anti-Freeze.

Categorically it is not recommended to mix mineral and organic antifreezes. Mixing of organic antifreeze of different colors is allowed, but in the future it is difficult to predict the change in the physical and chemical properties of the coolant and its behavior at different temperatures. It’s all about additives that can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
If it is necessary to top up the antifreeze in an emergency, it is better to choose a universal or distilled water. After the trip, replace the coolant as soon as possible with the mandatory flushing of the system.
I would like to note that the most common cause of clogging and failure of the pump, radiator and nozzles is a low-quality antifreeze. Do not buy coolant on the road, do it better at specialized points of sale.


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