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DexCool Red Extended Life Full Strength Anti-Freeze


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DexCool Red Extended Life Full Strength Anti-Freeze

If you are going to buy antifreeze – which one to choose? Also what will be, if to fill in system of cooling of the car antifreeze of other color? Let’s say right away – the color of the antifreeze does not influence the technical characteristics, because initially all the cooling liquids are colorless. This is the company’s marketing move to distinguish its products from competitors by its color. Therefore, we can see yellow, and red, and green and many other antifreezes of different colors.

The color of the antifreeze depends on the dyes used by the manufacturers. “Poisonous” color should not be perceived as belonging to a special group, it indicates the presence of a fluorescent additive, which is important in the diagnosis of the cooling system in order to establish the places of leakage of coolant when the underbody is illuminated by ultraviolet light.
Originally the color of the antifreeze was conceived as an aid to the car enthusiast. If the cooling system flows, it will be possible to see leaks – this explains the manufacturers’ bright anti-freeze color. For example, if you find under the car a drop of blue or a puddle of the same color, the cooling system is likely to flow.

The color of the antifreeze has nothing to do with the chemical composition. Therefore, liquids of the same color can differ from each other in composition, and colored – to be the same. For example, manufacturers can paint the same antifreeze in different colors to distinguish them by brand.

Many companies, such as General Motors and Volkswagen, use red or orange antifreeze. This is done at the request of the automaker and according to the directions of marketers.

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