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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
Automotive - Industrial - Commercial - Marine

Petro-Florida manufactures and distributes various ATF transmission oils. We have Dexron III and IV ATF oil and multi vehicle synthetic and synthetic blend fluids. Delivery in Miami
Transmission oils are lubricating oils used for the lubrication of gearboxes, transfer boxes, the main transmissions of driving bridges, steering gears, as well as gear and chain drives (reducers) of all kinds.

What in each specific case is the choice of this or that grade of gear oil? First of all, of course, the instructions of the factory instruction on the operation of the car. Use the advantages of a lower category by gradation. The API is inadmissible, since it leads to the failure of the unit, and a higher one is not expedient primarily for economic reasons (the product of the next group has a significant price).

We produce all kinds of gear oils, high quality and low price.