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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
Automotive - Industrial - Commercial - Marine

Our company produces and sells a large number of products. On our website, you will find engine oil, transmission oil, lubricants, engine additives, hydraulic oils, diesel engine oils and much more.
1) We produce high quality motor oils. Motor oils for all brands of cars: American, Japanese, German and other manufactures.
2) We produce additives for engines. They extend the life of the engine. Our products save time and money. Quality is at the highest level.
3) PETRO-FLORIDA produces lubricants for machinery. Here you can buy grease for any equipment. Grease for tractors, cranes, elevators, hydraulic equipment, machine grease, lubricant for jacks and other lubricants.
4) PETRO-FLORIDA produces synthetic oils. Synthetic oils are of the highest quality. Our synthetic oils can be used in the most expensive machines, such as: motor boats, airplanes, helicopters, yachts and other. Our synthetic oils have the best features. PETRO-FLORIDA products are always of high quality and low prices.
5) PETRO-FLORIDA has been manufacturing products for many years. Quality and customer care is in the first place in our company.
6) PETRO-FLORIDA invites young and smart people for cooperation. We provide all the tools for your successful business. We will provide a high-quality product, low prices, brand. You will become a successful and rich person with our company. We are waiting for your calls.