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The transfer mechanisms
Transmission mechanisms of car drives, serve as link between engine and other mechanisms.
Such mechanisms perform the function of transforming of the type of motion and also the axes of the motor. As the transmission mechanisms are used a variety of types of gears:
 screw, ball-screw and roller-screw;
 rack, gear and worm;
 friction, belt and cable;
 lever and chain;
 planetary and wave.
Gear cylindrical gearboxes have high rigidity and durability, they are technologically in production. High efficiency values allow using special methods of elimination of backlash without large power losses. An acceptable level of noise is achieved by a sufficiently high degree of precision in manufacturing. The disadvantage of gears for use in mechanical systems of robots is their high inertia. The toothed bevel gears, in addition, require more precise adjustment during assembly and have increased noise during operation.
Advantage of planetary gears is in their high compactness, however they are less technological in production, require higher accuracy of manufacturing and assembly.
The worm gearboxes have good stiffness, less inertia, relatively simple design and the possibility of self-reflection, that is very important for the implementation of the servo drive.
The only drawback of worm gears is their low efficiency. Its value reaches 0.4-0.5.