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Heavy Duty HVAC Ethylene Glycol Anti-Freeze


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Heavy Duty HVAC Ethylene Glycol Anti-Freeze

What should be the coolant? Unfortunately, an ideal liquid for the heating system has not yet been invented. This means that every known material is successfully operated only under certain conditions. For example, the important factor is the temperature of the heating medium in the heating system, in case of violation of which the substance changes its properties, and the system ceases to function.

The heat carrier must perform the following tasks: transfer the maximum heat for a short amount of time along the perimeter of the work site (for example, a private house); the heat loss should be minimal; have a small viscosity, since this index affects the rate of pumping, hence the value of the efficiency; should not be the cause of corrosion of the components and mechanisms of the system, otherwise there will be a restriction on their choice; should be safe for residents of the house, that is, do not exceed the standards for the temperature of ignition or toxicity (the same requirements for liquid vapors). The cost of the coolant is also important: it must be either relatively cheap, or, in the case of high costs, have properties that allow it to be used for a long time without replacement.

Heating system on antifreeze With the onset of cold weather, it becomes actual – an antifreeze liquid for the heating system. Pipes filled with a similar coolant will not burst at low temperatures – this moment is important for homeowners who use the house irregularly. The carrier of thermal energy of this type is antifreeze. As a rule, it is designed to work up to a temperature of -30 ° C or -65 ° C. If the temperature indicator falls below the norm, antifreeze for heating systems, unlike water, does not harden, but turns into a gel-like state. Returning to the liquid state, it does not lose its original properties and does not threaten the heating circuit.

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