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Full Strength Antifreeze & Coolant


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Full Strength Antifreeze & Coolant

It is best to choose the one that is recommended to your car manufacturer. Why? Because it is he who knows what metal or alloy the engine casing is made from and what is worth pouring into the cooling system so that it does not break. In addition, there are also aluminum, rubber and plastic parts, which are also sensitive to the chemical composition of the antifreeze.

Choosing the “native” antifreeze, which is shown to you by the manufacturer, you can “sleep peacefully” and not worry that one day you will get a hole in the cooling jacket or a clogged cooling system. If you want to add antifreeze, you need to know exactly what is currently in the system, otherwise you risk making a “mix” dangerous for the whole cooling system, which is unclear what can turn out for you and your car. It is better to drain completely and pour a new one, so it will be cheaper than after saving to get scum, plaque, and problems with the cooling system.

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