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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
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Petro-Florida manufactures and distributes various synthetic oils. We deliver 10w30, 10w40 full synthetic oils and more in Miami.

The auto engine is a complex mechanism that operates in a wide range of loads and temperatures. Oil must not only deal with high loads, it must protect the engine from corrosion, wear, deposits and scorching. That’s why the choice of oil for your car should be approached seriously. In the USA, synthetic oil is in great demand.
The advantages of our synthetic oil include the following:
• High resistance to oxidation and carbon deposits. When using a synthetic oil for the engine, you can not be afraid that you did not change it in time. His characteristics for a long time will be at a high level.
• Excellent stability and film resistance, even at high temperatures.
• If you use low quality fuel, the oil cleaners still remain good.
Synthetic motor oils are based on high-quality components that were obtained by deep oil refining, chemical synthesis or other chemical process. Thanks to such processes, a high level of molecular purity and uniformity is achieved, which is impossible with conventional methods of processing petroleum products.
Molecules of oil based on synthetic materials are much more homogeneous if compared with mineral analogs.
That is why our synthetic oils are better able to cope with their work under extreme operating conditions