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PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL exceeds the latest requirements of gear manufacturers
requiring API GL-5 lubricants. It is recommended for use in limited slip and conventional differentials of
cars, pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles. It is designed to reduce or eliminate “chatter” that can
sometimes occur in limited slip differentials. High-speed shock loads, higher torque requirements for
extended periods of time and high operating temperatures call for heavy-duty quality lubricants of this
PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL is fortified with extreme pressure additives for tough
protection under severe operating conditions. It contains rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect against the
effects of moisture from condensation. Effective foam inhibitors prevent foaming and aeration that can lead
to premature wear. PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL is a fully balanced, robust formulation
for optimum axles and transmission protection.
PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL gives the full protection of SAE 90 under high temperatures
and hard driving conditions, while still providing the fast flow characteristics of SAE 80W when cold. This
offers maximum lubrication and gear protection over a wide temperature range.
PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL is recommended for use in hypoid or spiral bevel gear
differentials and manual transmissions where an GL-5 lubricant and an SAE 80W, 90 or 80W-90 viscosity
grade is specified. In addition, PETROFLO SAE 80W-90 LS GL-5 GEAR OIL is fully formulated for all
limited slip differentials. It may be used as a makeup or refill fluid, even for rebuilt limited slip units and is
designed for all high performance hypoid axles of cars, pickup trucks, sports utility vehicles as well as
sports, police and racing cars. It is also recommended for conventional differentials.

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