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Worm Gear Lubricants ISO 460, 680, 1000


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PETROFLO WORM GEAR OIL 460 / 680 / 1000 represents current technology for the lubrication of industrial worm gear drives. PETROFLO WORM GEAR OIL are compounded to provide extra lubricity and friction modification under heavy loads and temperatures. PETROFLO WORM GEAR OIL excellent in industrial worm gears where high starting loads are experienced.


  • Full range of ISO grades.
  • Compounded for Worm.
  • Gears (ISO, 460, 680 and under heavy pressure is 1000).
  • Balanced additive package.
  • Excellent demulsibility.
  • Outstanding oxidation Inhibitors.


  • Extra “oiliness” where a high degree of sliding motion under heavy pressure is present in worm gear sets.
  • Additive stability in worm gear.
  • Sets utilizing bronzing gears.
  • Promotes rapid water.
  • Separation where Contamination.


  • Maximum performance and life in worm gear sets.
  • Longer equipment life.
  • Additional savings through extended lubrication life.
  • Cost savings through extended lubricant life.

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