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WAY LUBE 32, 68, 220


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PETRO-FLO WAY OILS are specially formulated for the sliding ways of machine tools. PETRO-FLO WAY OILS are fortified with selected oiliness, extreme pressure additives and a
special material to impart tackiness and adhesiveness.

PETRO-FLO WAY OILS are noted for their unusual ability to overcome the stick/slip motion ordinarily associated with slow moving
machine tool parts.


  • Planners
  • Grinders
  • Horizontal Boring Machines
  • Shapers
  • Jig Borers
  • Milling Machines
  • Equipment Involving Moving Parts


  • Reduce Machine Tool Carriage Chatter.
  • Adhesive Characteristics to Prevent Squeezing Out of the Lubricant.
  • P47 and P50 specifications for the stick/slip test of the Cincinnati Milacron Company.
  • Dual purpose hydraulic-way oil.

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