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Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W140 Gear Oil


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Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W140 Gear Oil

High performance, extended warranty gear oil, for heavy-duty automotive differentials used in demanding vocational applications.

Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W-140 gear oil is a high performance multigrade axle fluid,designed to provide the required protection for the latest off-road heavy-duty axles that call for an API GL-5 SAE 80W-140 grade product. Specially formulated with base oils and additive technology that provide improved lubrication of the drive train, lowers the operating temperature and helps promote longer life for the equipment. Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W-140 is capable of extended oil drain in severe operating conditions and is approved by OEMs against their extended drain vocational vehicle specifications.


• Drive Axles in heavy duty off-highway vehicles and vocational equipment
Heavy duty axles and other applications where an 80W-140 API GL-5 extreme pressure (EP) mineral or synthetic gear oil is recommended.
Note: For Eaton Roadranger on-highway axles use
Spirax ASX R 75W-90.

Performance Features and Benefits

• Longer oil drain capability
Meets the requirements of Dana SHAES 429 (180,000 mile extended oil drain intervals or 3 years whichever occurs first). Please contact your local Shell representative for more information about extended oil drain intervals.
• Longer equipment life
Excellent protection against gear wear and pitting, helps prevent premature failures.
Outstanding oxidation resistance also helps prevent damage to seals due to deposit formation.
• Less lubricant usage
Excellent static and dynamic seal compatibility that meets or exceeds a number of leading OEM requirements, which helps minimize seal leaks. The extended drain capabilities help maximize oil drain intervals resulting in less overall lubricant usage during the life of the equipment.
• Recognized by leading equipment manufacturers
Leading equipment manufacturers recognize the benefits of Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W-140 and have formally approved it against their specifications.

Specification and Approvals: Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W-140

API GL-5, MT-1
DANA SHAES-429 (Vocational)
US Military MIL-PRF-2105E
Mack GO-J

Shell Spirax EW SAE 80W-140 Gear Oil Specifications