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Pennzoil PAO 46 Synthetic Compressor Oil


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PENNZCOM PAO Synthetic Compressor Lubricants are premium quality fluids specially designed to meet the performance demands of today’s compressors. Formulated from polyalphaolefin base oils and specialized additive chemistry, these lubricants offer excellent oxidative and thermal stability. PENNZCOM® PAO’s outstanding resistance to heat and oxidative breakdown results in reduced sludge, varnish, lacquer and deposit formation on compressor components. This is especially important in the heat exchangers. Resistance to oxidation further means longer lubricant life. These performance features of PENNZCOM® PAO translate into multiple operational benefits, such as, improved compressor efficiencies, extended drain intervals, reduced operational problems, less component wear, less downtime to change lubricant and replace parts, and fewer filter changes.

PENNZCOM PAO Synthetic Compressor Lubricants offer excellent volatility characteristics, which lead to reduced oil feed rates, reduced vapor pressure and less lubricant carryover, hence less deposit formation and lower lubrication costs. These synthetic fluids are further fortified with antiwear agents for extended compressor life, and metal passivators for optimum compatibility with all types of metals.

PENNZCOM® PAO’s possess outstanding demulsibility properties, separating readily from contaminating water due to condensation. They protect against rust and corrosion, and are inhibited against foaming and air entrainment, to provide for maximum lubrication, ready separation from wet air in oil/air separators, and extended oil separator service intervals.

PENNZCOM® PAO fluids are miscible in most petroleum oils, which facilitates changeovers of compressors from mineral oils to these synthetic hydrocarbons.

PENNZCOM PAO Synthetic Compressor Lubricants are recommended for use in oil flooded rotary vane and screw type compressors calling for an ISO 32, 46, or 68 grade oil or in reciprocating compressors calling for an ISO 68 grade oil, which will be encountered in numerous industries. The outstanding oxidative stability of these fluids make them ideal for rotary and screw compressors, where the lubricant is injected directly into the airstream. The inherent longer lubricant life of PENNZCOM® PAO’s make them especially suitable for use in those applications where production schedules do not allow for frequent shutdowns for maintenance and oil changes, or where location or inaccessibility of equipment makes frequent oil changes difficult.
Synthetic fluids like PENNZCOM® PAO’s are also ideal for use in applications where mineral oils have previously shown a history of undesirable deposit problems.

PENNZCOM PAO Synthetic Hydrocarbon Compressor Lubricants are recommended for compressing inert and hydrocarbon gases such as:

• Air
• Methane
• Hydrogen
• Natural Gas
• Propylene
• Carbon Dioxide
• Propane ∗Helium ∗Butane ∗Ethylene
• Argon
• Synthetic Gas
• Neon
• Isobutane

• State-of-the art synthetic fluids
• Outstanding oxidative and thermal stability
• Effectively minimizes deposit and varnish formation
• Lowers oil consumption/less carryover
• Excellent antiwear protection
• Resists rust and corrosion.

Pennzoil PAO 46 Synthetic Compressor Oil