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Shell Albida SLC Grease 460


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Shell Albida Greases SLC are a broad line of lithium complex greases compounded with selected synthetic polyalphaolefins. The combination of the complex grease thickener with the synthetic polyalphaolefin base fluids allows these products to perform well under more severe operating conditions now being imposed on industrial and other heavy-duty equipment. The lithium complex thickener provides excellent mechanical stability and a high dropping point. The synthetic polyalphaolefins provide enhanced high and low temperature performance compared to conventional mineral oil based greases because of their inherent high viscosity indices. The synthetic polyalphaolefins also respond well to anti-oxidants thus extending the life of the product in severe applications when compared to mineral oil based greases. The number in the name of Shell Albida Greases SLC refers to the ISO Viscosity Grade of the basestock.

• Heavy loads at low to moderate speeds (Shell Albida Grease SLC 460)

• enhanced high-temperature performance
• excellent mechanical stability
• high dropping points

Shell Albida SLC Grease 460 Specifications