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Shell Stamina RLS 2 Grease


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R&O polyurea greases for industrial applications

Shell Stamina® Grease RLS 2 is specially formulated R & O polyurea greases containing a synthetic base fluid, and high performance corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. This grease does not contain EP additives and is especially suitable for lubrication of ball and roller bearings such as those found in industrial applications.

Shell Stamina® Grease RLS 2 is formulated using a polyurea thickener, special additives, and an ISO 100 synthetic base fluid. This grease exhibit excellent resistance to water, corrosion, and oxidation. Superior resistance to rust and corrosion is provided, even in the presence of salt water. It offers outstanding performance over a wide range of operating temperatures and are able to withstand extended high operating temperatures.

This grease will allow bearings to start and run even at low ambient temperatures and are especially recommended where frequent equipment re lubrication may be difficult or impossible to achieve in service. The combination of the synthetic base fluid and the polyurea thickener reduces service hardening of the grease at prolonged elevated temperatures.


• Ball and roller bearing lubrication
• lubrication of high speed applications such as electric motors, alternators and fans


• Promotes bearing life
• Excellent high temperature properties and oxidation stability
• Excellent water resistance and corrosion protection

Shell Stamina RLS 2 Grease Specifications