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Shell Omala 3200


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Shell Omala 3200

High quality industrial gear and bearing oils

Shell Omala 3200 Oils are high quality, extreme-pressure oils designed for the lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears. Their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics combine to offer exceptional performance in gears and other industrial applications including some mist applications.

Shell Omala 3200 Oils help reduce gear tooth and bearing wear on both steel and bronze components. The load carrying capacity of Shell Omala 3200 Oils, as determined in laboratory tests, meets Shell’s stringent requirements to be offered globally. The additive system helps to reduce gear tooth wear, particularly under conditions of high load. Shell Omala Oils are suitable for spur, helical and bevel gears and are designed to operate under conditions of heavy and shock loads.

Shell Omala Oils withstand elevated temperatures and resist the formation of sludge. The formulation helps provide extended oil life even under higher than normal operating temperatures. Shell Omala Oils protect both steel and bronze components, even in the presence of contamination by water and solids. Shell Omala Oils also have excellent water separation properties, such that excess water can be drained easily from lubrication systems. Water can greatly accelerate surface fatigue with gears and bearings as well as promoting ferrous corrosion on internal surfaces.

Water contamination should therefore be avoided or removed as quickly as possible after the occurrence.
Shell Omala Oils are formulated using high viscosity index base oils, and incorporate a special sulfur-phosphorus additive to provide extreme pressure performance.
They are available in several ISO viscosity grades ranging from 68 to 3200.


• Steel gear transmissions including spur, helical and bevel gears
• Industrial gear drives where full extreme pressure performance due to heavy or shock loading is needed
• Plain and roller contact bearings
• Circulating and splash lubricated systems
• Mist systems
Note: For automotive hypoid gears, use the appropriate Shell Spirax Heavy-Duty or Shell Spirax S lubricant.

Performance Features and Benefits
• Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability which helps extend oil life
• Effective corrosion inhibition to help protect gearbox components
• Effective sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure system to prevent wear under tough conditions
• Wide range of viscosities to meet a wide variety of operating conditions
• Excellent water shedding properties which allow the water to separate and be drained protecting components from rust and corrosion
• Excellent load carrying capacity helping to extend equipment life

Omala Oil 3200 Specifications