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Shell Albida Grease SDS 1


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Plain and rolling element bearings operating under heavy loads and extremely slow speeds require a tough lubricating film that helps reduce wear by keeping bearing surfaces separated. Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Albida Grease SDS 1, a heavy-duty synthetic lithium complex grease specially developed for use in these severe applications, even when operating at high temperatures.

Shell Albida Grease SDS 1 consists of a lithium complex soap thickener, a synthetic base fluid and a specially formulated additive package. The viscous synthetic base fluid and high performance additives give the grease excellent film strength, excellent anti-wear properties, and outstanding load-carrying capacity for effective lubrication even during conditions of extreme pressure. Shell Albida® Grease SDS 1 can be applied to applications such as rotary stokers, furnaces, hammer mills and washer bearings.

“Severe applications with extreme temperatures and heavy loads require specially designed lubricants,” said Walt Silveira, US Technical Manager. “Shell Albida Grease SDS 1 maintains effective lubrication even in the harshest conditions.”

Shell Albida Grease SDS 1 provides excellent corrosion and rust protection. The formulation is designed to perform under a wide range of operating temperatures (between 25°C to 120°C). Shell Albida Grease SDS 1 joins the full line of Shell Albida high quality greases.

Shell Albida Grease SDS 1