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Shell Cyprina Grease RA


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High quality lithium soap grease

Cyprina Grease RA is one of Shell’s highest quality lithium soap-based greases. It is manufactured to specifications that provide excellent mechanical stability and long service life. These properties are needed for many critical anti-friction bearing applications. Cyprina Grease RA is a NLGI Grade 3 grease formulated using mineral base oils.


• Traction motor bearings of General Motors Electromotive Diesel and General Electric locomotives
• Prepackaged anti-friction bearings intended for “life-time” service without re lubrication, a feature highly desired by the railroad industry


• Outstanding mechanical stability
• Long service life
• Friction reducer
• Fill-for-life capability


• General Electric
• General Motors Electromotive Division (EMD)

Shell Cyprina Grease RA Specifications