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Shell Alvania EP (LF) 0 1 Grease


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Alvania Greases EP are brown in color and are manufactured with a lithium 12-hydroxystearate-soap thickener. Fortified with extreme pressure additives, they provide increased load carrying properties and corrosion resistance.

• On and off-highway vehicles
• Construction equipment
• Industrial – heavy or shock loading bearing situations (temperatures not to exceed 275°F)

Proper grease selection depends upon many factors, including bearing size, speed, temperature, load and method of application (e.g. hand gun applicators, centralized systems).

• Available in a broad range of six NLGI grades: grade 000 through grade 3
• Extreme pressure performance
• Lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap thickeners
• Excellent lubricating performance at bearing operating temperatures up to 275°F
• Non-leaded

Shell Alvania EP (LF) 0 1 Grease Specifications