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Transmission Fluid Additives


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The transmission of a modern vehicle is an aggregate of complex construction. Over time, its details seriously wear out, which, in turn, can negatively affect the functioning of the whole mechanism, often causing new sounds. From this article you will learn about one of the methods to combat such irritating noise, based on the use of additives.

How can I reduce noise in the gearbox?
Occurrence of extraneous sounds during the movement of the car often acts on the driver as an irritating factor, so it is desirable to eliminate it as soon as possible. One of the possible sources of such sounds is the gearbox. True, some motorists do not consider this a problem, because the car can go, which means everything is fine with it. However, more responsible drivers immediately put the car on repairs and sort out all the details in order to identify and eliminate the cause of the noise.

Recently, manufacturers of all kinds of automotive materials come up with more and more innovations that can significantly simplify the life of motorists. In this case, we mean car additives, designed to reduce the level of noise. Such an expendable material will be an ideal solution if you do not want to disassemble the gearbox, which is quite normal, given the comparative complexity of the task. In addition, it is worth noting that the appearance of noise is possible even on new cars, since in some cases the elements of the transmission system need some time to “rub off” to each other. In such situations, additional additives will come in handy, because with their help this process is significantly accelerated. Also, the use of additional substances may be appropriate in cases where the engine parts have started to fail or become worn out from prolonged operation. Naturally, if the various elements of the gearbox are completely destroyed, the use of additives will not make any sense.

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