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Hydraulic Fluid Additives


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Аdditives in the oil for power steering can perform a number of quite important functions:

reduction of noise, heating, wear and vibration of the power steering;
a significant increase in the life of the hydraulic pump and bypass valves;
elimination of leaks in various designs of hydraulic amplifiers;
restoring the dimensions and elasticity of gaskets and seals;
the restoration of the operating characteristics of the power steering systems installed on vehicles whose mileage exceeds 100,000 kilometers.

Our shop offers additives in the transmission fluid: tuning, sealant, which have a list of actual pluses. They are suitable for additives in cars of different brands and models. Absolutely safe. Effective under any temperature conditions. They retain their qualities during the entire operational period.

The sealant and tuning presented in our shop passed factory testing and received a certificate of conformity. Our products are highly appreciated by users, which is confirmed by the approving reviews on the site.

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