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Anti-Freeze Additives (Automotive and Heavy Duty)


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Anti-Freeze Additives.

Anti-freeze, designed for use in the engine cooling system of the car as a working medium, generally contains ethylene glycol, water and an additive package that together improve the consumer qualities of the final product. As a rule, manufacturers add complex components to the final composition of antifreezes, which slow down corrosion processes (inhibitors), minimize cavitation processes, suppress foaming, etc.

Ethylene glycol, as a basic component of antifreeze, not only helps to reduce the freezing point, but also significantly affects the boiling point of the working medium towards its increase. Thus, antifreeze, when used instead of traditional water, allows you to operate the car almost all-season on one type of coolant.

There are several basic criteria for assessing the operational capabilities of antifreeze of each particular brand. These include the following quality indicators: density, which directly affects the crystallization temperature; the activity index of hydrogen ions (pH value), which determines the alkalinity of the product; effectiveness of the antifoam agent included in the final product.

It should also be mentioned that a color that has an antifreeze does not have any obvious effect on its performance, but serves as a certain individual identifier of a specific technical fluid designed to facilitate its choice by the consumer in relation to specific conditions and requirements for the operation of vehicles of various manufacturing plants, including the exclusion of cases of its non-purposeful (erroneous) application.

In addition, the antifreeze, which loses its original color during operation, must push the owner of the car to replace it, since this circumstance may be due to a partial loss of the original properties of the key components that make up its composition, that is, “aging” (resource generation) , which has each anti-freeze.

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