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Shell Retinax Grease WR 1


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Premium EP industrial grease for applications subject to heavy loads and extremely wet conditions.

Shell Retinax Grease WR (formerly Retinax Grease HD) is a premium mixed soap thickened grease made with a heavy base oil, tackifiers and selected additives. The combination of lithium and calcium soaps gives this grease its excellent mechanical stability, while the heavy base oil provides outstanding resistance to water washout. The careful selection of additives gives Shell Retinax Grease WR excellent EP/load carrying ability, oxidative stability, rust protection and metal surface adherence. Shell Retinax Grease WR is available in NLGI Grades 1 and 2.

• Automatic and hand lubrication systems over a wide range of temperatures in heavy industries such as steel and other metals, paper, mineral processing.
• Any application where heavily loaded bearings and severe water washout conditions exist.
• Slideways.

• Excellent mechanical stability
• Outstanding resistance to water wash-out
• Excellent EP/load carrying ability
• Excellent oxidative stability
• Excellent rust and corrosion protection
• Excellent adherance (tackiness) to metal surfaces
• Greater re-lubrication interval flexibility

Shell Retinax Grease WR 1