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The effect of high temperature on the engine

The turbocharger consists of a turbine and a compressor connected by a shaft. The exhaust gases of the engine pass through the turbine, causing the shaft and compressor to rotate at a speed of more than 200,000 rpm, which is almost 40 times faster than the number of revolutions of most car engines. Over time, in the absence of proper lubrication, bearings and other turbocharger parts can be varnished and other high-temperature deposits of oil, which can lead to their premature wear and breakage.

Advantages of synthetic oils

Conventional engine oils, when exposed to high temperatures, quickly lose heat resistance and begin to burn or coke inside the turbocharger, leaving deposits. These deposits can fill the oil flow channels, making it difficult to circulate the turbocharger. As a result, the device may fail. Fully synthetic motor oils have thermal stability. They prevent oxidation and protect important engine parts even under the most severe conditions, prolonging the life of turbocharged engines.

How to extend the life of a turbocharged engine

Along with the use of fully synthetic motor oils, there are several other ways that can help drivers extend their life and increase the performance of a turbocharged engine. One of the best is to switch the engine to minimum revs or idle shortly before it turns off. So the heat will gradually be diverted from its details. And with a sudden engine shutdown, the oil can stop circulating by the heated turbocharger, thereby increasing the risk of deposits and damage.

Following this simple advice and protecting the details of the turbocharger with fully synthetic engine oils, drivers can easily increase the operational period of the engines of their vehicles.

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