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There are a few of the most common ways to clean the engine of old oil:

Rinsing with water. With the help of a special machine, a jet of water is applied to the surface of the engine under high pressure, and all contaminants are gradually washed off. However, this method will not allow the qualitative removal of all oil deposits, since they can settle in the most inaccessible places. In addition, the likelihood of damage to the engine insulation, paint on its parts, and subsequently there is a threat of corrosion.
Flushing with diesel fuel. A rag or brush, dipped in diesel fuel, wipes the surface of the engine and its parts. Such a method also will not allow to remove all the deposits qualitatively, since it is not always possible to get a brush. Work is necessary in the respirator, since diesel fuel has a very unpleasant smell. And after cleaning, there is a likelihood of a fire.
Flushing with special means. The liquid for cleaning the engine from oil is applied to its surface and maintained there for a certain time. In this case, all the details that are afraid of moisture, it is better to insulate with polyethylene. At the end of time, the liquid is easily washed off with the remains of the old oil. Before starting, the engine must be dried and poured into it a new oil.
The chemical cleaning method is the most effective, simple and fast-acting. The solution is able to dissolve completely the remains of waste oil in a couple of minutes, which are beyond the strength of any conventional detergent. Also, among the advantages, it should be noted that the engine oil cleaning fluid is able to penetrate the most remote places, bends and backs, which are difficult to reach manually. Using it at least twice a year, you will warn:

possibility of engine overheating;
reduction of engine life;
reduce wear;
Negative impact on the condition of electrical wiring and warn the possibility of a fire;
unaesthetic appearance of the unit itself.

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