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COMPRESSOR OILS: ISO 32, 46, 68, 150


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PETROFLO Air Compressor Oil is designed to reduce carbon buildup in compressor valves to ensure a longer compressor life. Single viscosity, 30-weight oil provides the proper mix of lubricants for compressors for function properly and efficiently.

PETROFLO COMPRESSOR OILS are a series of uniquely formulated compressor lubricants that provide the following benefits:

  • Noted resistance to carbon formation;
  • ZDP anti wear protection;
  • Good anti-foam characteristics;
  • Excellent oxidative stability;
  • Good hydrolytic stability;
  • Superior rust protection;
  • Excellent thermal stability.


PETROFLO COMPRESSOR OILS are primarily recommended for “Reciprocating” or “Piston” type compressors, either stationary or portable, where, as an example, the manufacturer notes the following:

  • Use a premium quality non-detergent industrial lubricating oil, containing rust and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Use oil that provides low carbon residue, reduces valve deposits, contains non-forming agents and, provides efficient crankcase lubrication.

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