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Good lubricants for the lubrication of hinges and locks of car doors

In the car, for normal operation of the machines, constant lubrication of the units is required after a certain period of time, depending on the intensity of the use of the part and the influence of external factors (dirt, dust, precipitation).

During the operation of the car, periodically 1-2 times during the quarter, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance of all car components. First of all, the following are examined:

locks of doors;
door hinges;
lock and hinges of the trunk.
And if there is a lack of lubrication in the examined mechanisms, the motorists have a question, and what is better to grease locks and hinges of car doors ?!

The better the lubrication of the car door locks

Lubricants for locks should have certain properties:

low coefficient of friction;
excellent frost resistance;
long term of use;
homogeneity and stability of the composition;
high anti-corrosion properties.

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