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Our Business is heavy duty lubricants
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Do you have an enterprise with a large fleet of equipment? Do you work in the field of road building or capital construction? You want your transport and special equipment to run smoothly, “cars rolled, knots were lubricated, units were cooled”?
Our company is engaged in supplying lubricants of enterprises with a fleet of heavy equipment, namely oils and greases for various purposes:
motor, transmission, hydraulic, industrial and other
oils, cooling and brake fluids, universal,
antifriction lubricants, etc.
The lubricants we offer are the latest innovative products on the world market.
In the assortment of our company the products of many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Always available cooling fluids-antifreeze and antifreeze, of the highest quality.
Our Clients are large enterprises engaged in extraction and processing of minerals, engaged in the timber industry, construction, logistics and other industries. Almost all of our customers are beginning to note positive changes in performance and reliability of special equipment, as well as reducing the funds for the purchase of lubricants.
All products are certified and meet the highest requirements of machinery manufacturers.
Now you can also change the indicators of the production process in your company for the better – become our client!

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