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Adding additives to diesel fuel has long been a common thing for our motorists. And this is not surprising, because the quality of diesel fuel at our gas stations has always wanted to be the best and in the near future the situation is unlikely to change like that.

Of course, the range of additives for diesel fuel, like any other auto chemical goods, is huge. There are certain types of additives that have this or that function.

For example, complex additives in diesel fuel, which increase the cetane number of diesel fuel, clean the injection system, do not allow the foaming of the fuel, and act as anti-corrosion additives.

The next type of additive in diesel fuel is the so-called anti-gel, which prevents the freezing of diesel fuel in winter at temperatures up to -47 degrees Celsius. The principle of their work is that they do not allow the formation of paraffin crystals, which usually occurs in summer diesel fuel in the frost.

Specialized additives for diesel fuel, engine injector cleaner. Due to this type of additives, carbon deposits and other contaminants in the nozzles are removed. Purify the plunger pairs in the injection pump, and generally positively affect the entire operation of the fuel system of the diesel engine.

As there are additives in diesel fuel, which do not allow the moisture in the fuel system of the car to crystallize, which greatly facilitates the start of the diesel engine in winter.

There are even tuning additives for diesel fuel. This type of additives can be attributed to the combined, as they perform several useful functions specific to specialized additives.


So there are additives (not additives) in diesel fuel, which can significantly save fuel on cars.


When buying an additive for diesel fuel, carefully read the instructions for its use.

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