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The effect of temperature on engine oil

The effect of temperature on engine oil is an important factor taken into account when a large fleet of vehicles is running. With the exception of electric vehicles, all vehicles are equipped with internal combustion engines powered by gas, gasoline or diesel fuel.

All engines require lubrication, and this function is provided by the oil. This oil must perform numerous and different tasks while the engine is running, the main function is to lubricate all parts, reducing friction and preventing or reducing metal-to-metal contact. The oil prevents the surfaces of the two parts from touching each other.

In an effort to achieve a reduction in friction, as far as possible at normal operating temperatures, oils are developed from special base oils and additives to perform specific work in the engine. These oils are developed for optimum performance under normal operating temperature range of the engine. Important observation: the operating temperature of the engine oil is 10 ° C to 15 ° C above the coolant temperature. It must be remembered that the working temperature of the engine oil in the crankcase must not exceed 105 ° C under normal conditions.

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