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Synthetic Bearing and Circulation Oil


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Synthetic Bearing and Circulation Oil

PETROFLO BRAND is a high performance synthetic bearing and circulation lubricant, It offers
outstanding lubrication performance under severe operating conditions, including improved energy
efficiency and long service life.
• Moderately loaded enclosed industrial reduction gearboxes operating under different conditions,
such as very low or elevated temperatures and wide temperature variations
• Plain and rolling element bearings, Oil circulation systems.
Performance Features and Benefits
• Excellent anti-wear performance providing long component life. Provides high levels of wear
protection, for rolling element bearings and moderately loaded gearboxes.
• Excellent oxidation and thermal stability extending lubricant life. Resists the formation of
harmful products of oxidation at high operating temperatures, improving system cleanliness.
• Longer service intervals Extended component and lubricant life.
• Superior lubricant performance improving gear efficiency. Offers improved low temperature
performance and reduced change in viscosity with increase in temperature in comparison to
mineral oil-based products. This provides better lubrication at low start-up temperatures.
• Outstanding rust and corrosion protection of all metal surfaces
• Rapid water shedding and air release performance
Specification and Approvals: Meets the ISO 12925-1 Type CKS specification.
Seal and paint compatibility: PETROFLO BRAND is compatible with all seal materials and paints
normally specified for use with mineral oils.
Change over procedure: PETROFLO BRAND is compatible with petroleum mineral oils and no special
change-over procedure is necessary.

PDF Synthetic Bearing and circulation oil Specs Synthetic Bearing and Circulation Oil