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PETROFLO RAILGUARD™ OIL is a Super Premium Heavy Duty Crankcase Lubricant
for use in locomotive diesel engines. The product was formulated to meet the rigorous
demands necessitated by new and old railroad diesel locomotive engines. PETROFLO
RAILGUARD™ OIL incorporates the technology need to meet the engine manufactures
such as General Electric Company and Electromotive Division of General Motors.
PETROFLO RAILGUARD™ OIL provides an excellent service performance, while
keeping the EMD intake port clean. The product has been prepared to ensure low
levels of deposits occur. This technology is zinc free, low chlorine and non-corrosive
based to protect silver bearings and all other metals within the engine. Protecting the
newer engines for the extreme higher operating temperatures places a large affliction to
the oil. A superior based retention number and improved oxidation inhibitors provides
an advanced service for these particular conditions, including extensive oil drain

PDF  PETROFLO RailGuard oil – Spec Sheet