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Lifting devices for moving people and cargo were used in the XVII century. in Windsor Castle (Great Britain), and at the beginning of the next century the elevators came to France. In 1857, the first steel passenger elevator lift was introduced in New York. And after a while, the elevator included an electric drive. Then, lifting mechanisms with a hydraulic drive were invented. Thus, by the beginning of the 20th century the elevator industry had a long and interesting history.

Elevators with electric drive have winches (power devices) gearbox or gearless type. Winches with gear drive are used in lifting devices with low speeds (0.5-4 m / s), and gearless winches – in high-speed elevators (up to 17 m / s).

For working purposes, the elevators are:

passenger (permissible weight: up to 30 people);
cargo (permissible weight: up to 10 tons of cargo);
cargo-and-passenger (transport people and goods);
hospital (transportation of patients of medical institutions);
Industrial (installed in hazardous industries), etc.
Most industrial plants and warehouses are equipped with elevators, based on the principle of hydraulics: the compressor pumps oil into a large cylinder whose pressure forces the piston to move. The piston, interacting with the system of cables and blocks, provides the raising / lowering of the elevator car. Of course, hydraulic lifts are inferior in properties (speed, elevation) to electric-powered lifts – but they benefit from the cost criterion. To ensure that the lift has lasted for a long time and failsafe, you need to monitor its technical condition and choose high-quality lubricants, in particular, hydraulic fluid.

Petro-florida reliably protects the hydraulic systems used in elevator construction. Petro-florida reduces technical costs and maintenance of hydraulic mechanisms.

This hydraulic oil is designed for use in industrial hydraulic systems, where it is recommended to fill in quality doped liquids. Petro-florida is made on the basis of base highly purified mineral oils and the addition of a special set of additives.

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