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Hydraulic compositions for lifts are divided into three main groups: glycol; synthetic; oil. Also, such oils are popular for the maintenance of aircraft, ships, marine equipment, engines, shock absorbers. Virtually all varieties of hydraulic fluids are made on the basis of base oils, which are produced by processing petroleum fractions. Then the base base is cleaned, and special additives are added to it.

Due to such additives hydraulic oil does not foam and provides the mechanism with protection against oxidation and corrosion. When choosing the oil for the jack it is necessary to pay attention to some parameters: The viscosity of the composition should be moderate. The oil should not be too viscous or too liquid.

From this indicator depends the ease of movement of parts in the equipment. The fluid filterability is another important parameter. The oil must pass well through the filter, and it does not foam. The filtration of the hydraulic fluid is necessary to clean it of various impurities and gases.

The viscosity index or the temperature index of the oil is also important and should be of great importance. The anticorrosion characteristics of the composition must be excellent, otherwise the mechanism will very quickly fail. Properly selected hydraulic oil will not be affected by the chemical composition of the environment and high temperature fluctuations. The liquid will not be oxidized and will protect the mechanism from premature wear

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