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meets or exceeds the requirements of General Motors Corporation as a Dexron III product and FORD as a Mercon product and may be used in cars requiring FORD type CJ and H fluids. It can be used in off-highway transmission, power steering, and other hydraulic systems requiring an Allison C-4 fluid. It meets the exacting industrial hydraulic oil demands of Denison HFO, Vickers Vane and Sundstrand Piston Pumps.

When choosing the oil for the transmission units, they usually focus on two criteria: the specific loads acting in the mechanism and the speed of relative slip.
Depending on this, gear oils are selected, differing in viscosity and the number of additives, in the first place, extreme pressure. The latter, as a rule, contain sulfur compounds that cause chemical changes (modification) of metals in critical regimes. The surface layer of the material does not break out, forming scuffs, but turns into a thin film, which subsequently becomes a product of wear. Despite the fact that the metal is chemically “corroded”, the overall wear under severe operating conditions is less.

Oils for the transmission In each specific case, the choice of this or that grade of transmission oil should be determined, first of all, by the instructions of the factory instruction for the operation of the car. The use of a lower grade fluid in the API graduation is unacceptable, since it leads to the failure of the unit, and a higher one is inappropriate, first of all, for economic reasons. If there are no special instructions, then the principle of choice is as follows. The operation of the truck units with spiral bevel gears reliably reliably oils with the GL-3 performance level. As for reducers with hypoid gearing gears, only GL-5 oil is suitable for them in all cases. This applies equally to trucks and to cars. The oil of the lower group will not be able to protect the teeth of the hypoid pair from the scoring.

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