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Oil for vacuum pumps is used as a lubricant (when it comes to volumetric vacuum pumps), a working fluid for steam-oil pumps and a sealing fluid for mechanical pumps, as well as for filling liquid vacuum gauges. If the vacuum oil acts as a sealing liquid, its task is to ensure the tightness of the working chambers of the device. The main requirement put forward for oils for vacuum pumps is their viscosity. After all, viscosity affects the sealing and lubricating properties, as well as the evaporation of vacuum oil. If vacuum oil is used as a working fluid, then such a vacuum oil should be chosen that is characterized by low vapor pressure at the operating temperature in the pump, thermal stability, and chemical inertness with respect to oxygen and pumped gases.

Quality vacuum oil is the guarantee of effective operation of vacuum equipment. That is why before you buy vacuum oil you need to carefully evaluate all its technical characteristics and remember that certain types of vacuum pumps are compatible only with certain types of vacuum oils.

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