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PetroFlo HVAC-711 Heat Transfer Fluid is a fully-formulated containing an inhibitor additive package that controls corrosion of metals, helps prevent scaling and fouling of heat transfer surfaces and buffers the pH to maintain it in the optimum operating range. PetroFlo HVAC-711 Heat Transfer Fluid meets or exceeds ASTM D 1384, which is the industry-accepted multi-metal corrosion test. The inhibitor system is based on a high-phosphate, multi-component formulation which makes PetroFlo HVAC-711 Heat Transfer Fluid equivalent in terms of functionality and performance to the very best national brands on the market, including Dowfrost* HD, Ucarfreeze* and Jeffcool* P-150. It is also stable when mixed with water containing up to 350 ppm total hardness. PetroFlo HVAC-711 Heat Transfer Fluid contains 94.0% propylene glycol and 6.0% inhibitors, other performance-enhancing additives and deionized water.

Relative to ethylene glycol, propylene glycol has a lower acute oral toxicity. Accordingly, propylene glycol based heat transfer fluids are at least preferable and often required in food processing industry applications in which they may make accidental contact with foods or beverages or where they may incidentally contaminate potable/drinking water. In some municipalities, the use of propylene glycol is required by law or regulation. The propylene glycol used in PetroFlo HVAC-711 Heat Transfer Fluid is industrial or heat transfer fluid grade. Propylene glycol also has a higher viscosity than ethylene glycol, which results in somewhat lower heat transfer efficiency and somewhat more difficult cold weather pump start-up for propylene-glycol-based fluids.

• HVAC system freeze/burst/corrosion protection
• Process cooling/heating
• Solar heating
• Refrigeration warehouse floor heating
• Thermal energy storage
• Ice skating rinks
• Sidewalk and playing field subsurface heating
• Cold room dehumidify
• Computer cooling systems

Industry Standards
PetroFlo HVAC-711 has been formulated to meet the requirements of the following ASTM standards:
• ASTM D 1384 Corrosion in glassware of steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass and solder
• ASTM D 2809 Water pump cavitation erosion/corrosion test
• ASTM D 1881 Foaming tendency test
• ASTM D 4340 Aluminum corrosion at heat transfer surfaces
• ASTM D 2570 Simulated service metal coupon corrosion test

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