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Engine oil for old engines.

PETROFLO ENGINE DOCTOR MOTOR OIL is specially formulated and recommended for all older Gas and Diesel internal combustion engines. This PETROFLO ENGINE DOCTOR MOTOR OIL offers up to 95% Smoke/Noise Free Performance GUARANTEED, in CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES, HEAVY DUTY EQUIPMENT AND BOATS.

Why do we need oils for cars with high mileage?

The engines of machines that have passed more than 150,000 km can have different problems. Combat them with special oils designed for cars with high mileage. Some of these oils, such as ENGINE DOCTOR MOTOR OIL: SMOKE NO MORE / NOISE NO MORE, contain additives that help combat the following symptoms of engine aging:

Leaks. Over time, the seals in the engine may begin to deteriorate – the result is often oil leakage. Some oils for vehicles with high mileage include special additives that protect worn seals and prevent leaks.
General wear and tear. Oils for cars with high mileage contain additives that reduce the intensity of friction, which has a favorable effect on the general condition of old engines.
Sludge. Sludge is an oily residue that can form in the engine as a result of thickening or destruction of the oil (often because the oil has not been replaced often enough). Oil for cars with high mileage helps reduce sludge formation and reduce wear on old engines.


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