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PETRO-FLO 4T-TWIN 20W-60 Motorcycle Oil Synthetic Blend is a high quality 4-stroke
gasoline engine oil specifically recommended for twin cylinder engines and to meet the special
requirements of air cooled 4-stroke motorcycles and is blended from highly refined mineral base
oils to maintain engine cleanliness and performance additives package to provide exceptional
wear protection to motorcycles engine, gear box and wet clutch used in 4-stroke motorcycles.
PETRO-FLO 4T-TWIN 20W-60 Motorcycle Oils Synthetic Blend particularly recommended
for all types of 4-stroke engine motorcycles, with manual gear operation. Its high viscosity at
both high and low temperatures provides your engine with optimum protection, particularly its
distribution circuits, which can be vulnerable on certain twin-cylinder models. Its high viscosity
also reduces engine operating noise considerably. It’s ideally suited to all types of urban traffic
and perfectly compatible with catalytic converters. This lubricant is compatible with lead-free
Features/ Benefits
• Piston ring sealing, power gains: Reduces piston ring groove fouling for optimum sealing
during combustion. This ensures that the engine retains its full power.
• Anti-clutch slippage, disk protection: Because of their molecular structure, the base oils are
able to form a homogenous film between the clutch disks. The friction factor is adapted to
mechanical requirements, preventing clutch slippage and premature disk wear.
• Oxidation resistance: Has anti-oxidant additives which neutralize and slow down the
oxidation process. This prolongs the lubricant’s lifetime and keeps the oil fluid and efficient. It
remains homogenous and its acidity level scarcely changes.
• Viscosity controlled in relation to temperature: Additives thicken the oil at high
temperatures and give it fluidity at low temperatures. The correct oil film is obtained by
controlling the viscosity in accordance with temperature using Viscosity Index Improvers.
Viscosity incorporates superior lubrication performance, ensuring easy cold start-ups, fast oil
pressure rises and low friction between moving engine components.
Applications / Specifications:
• Meets or exceeds API SG, SH, SJ or SL, JASO MA/MA2 international standards.
• Recommended for air cooled 4-stroke motorcycle engines and also suitable for small 4-stroke
gasoline engines used in portable generators, pumps, garden machinery and other applications.
• Designed for twin-cylinder engines for high RPM and high temperature applications found in
4-stroke engines used in motorcycles, ATVs and similar vehicles.

PDF  PF 4T_20w60 Twin_Motorcycle Oil-Spec Sheet