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PETROFLO NO DRIP HYDRAULIC OIL 3040, SUPER HEAVY DUTY OIL is formulated from selected base stocks and compounded with only the best very best additives available. Due to its uniqueness, this hydraulic oil can cut down on your hydraulic oil leakage from 50%-90%. Also, it has the ability to swell dry brittle seals where hydraulic oils tend to leak. By virtue of reduction in leakage, this product can save in maintenance costs and downtime.

PETROFLO NO DRIP HYDRAULIC OIL 3040, SUPER HEAVY DUTY OIL will meet or exceed the requirements for industrial and mobile hydraulic systems which call for the following: VICKERS I-286S, M-2950-S; DENISON HF-1, HF-2, HF-0; RACINE VARIABLE VOLUMBE VANE PUMPS; CINCINNATI MILACRON P-68, P-69 & P-70; DIN 51524, PART 2; JEFFREY NO.: 87; FORD M-6C32; U.S. STEEL 136, 127; B.F. GOODRICH 0152; GENERAL MOTORS LH-04-1, LH-06-1, LH 15-1; COMMERCIAL HYDRAULICS; AFNORE 48-603.


1. Resistance to thermal degradation minimizes the generation of sludge form reactions with steel, copper, and bronze components at higher operating temperatures.
2. Hydraulically stable. It will prevent acid formation caused by the reaction of hydraulic fluids with water. Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.
3 apotheke-zag.de. Enhanced filter ability, which minimizes filter blocking due to contamination with water.
4. Reduces foam to ensure smooth, efficient operation and proper lubrication of all parts in hydraulic systems.
5. Longer pump life as a result of extreme pressure and anti-wear protection of all moving parts. Fluid films remain stable under heavy pressures at elevated temperatures, where most fluid films normally break down.
6. Longer fluid life is assured by this combination of operating characteristics. The nest result is a more efficient hydraulic system and lower overall operating costs.


  • Anti-wear: Protects and prolongs pump life.
  • Oxidation inhibitor: Keeps hydraulic system clean by preventing deposit formation for up to 5,000 hours.
  • Rust inhibitor: Protects vital parts from rust and corrosion.
  • Anti-foam: Helps maintain full fluid flow.
  • Demulsifier: Expedites the rapid separation of water from oil.
  • Seal conditioner: Helps to keep seals pliable and swells dry brittle seals.
  • The above analyses are typical inspections only and the finished product may vary from batch to batch.


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