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Vanishing Oil


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PETROFLO Vanishing Oil is a colorless, odorless organic lubricating fluid. Recommended for blanking, forming, and light duty stamping of aluminum, galvanized steel, tin coated steel, copper, brass, terne plate and pre-plated steel.


  • 100% evaporation within one hour when exposed to air.
  • Leaves most surfaces free of residue and suitable for painting afterward without cleaning.
  • Helps eliminates cleaning operations
  • Non-staining to most metals.
  • Does not affect most painted or plastic coated metal surfaces when as directed.
  • Spot testing is recommended.
  • Helps keep floor and machine clean.
  • When used as directed as a surface lubricant in the manufacture of metallic articles which contact food.
  • Food Additives Regulations, 21 C.F.R., Section 178.3910.
  • Non-phosphorous formula.

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