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Premium industrial bearing and circulating oil


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Premium industrial bearing and circulating oil

PETRO-FLO BEARING AND CIRCULATING OIL are formulated with highly refined paraffinic mineral oils
for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial bearings and circulating systems. The lighter viscosity grades (ISO 32,
46, 68 and 100) typically are recommended for use in rotary air compressors, circulating pumps, vacuum pumps and
electric motor bearings operating under severe-service conditions or at extreme temperatures.

The heavier viscosity grades (ISO 150, 220, 320, 460,570 and 680) typically are recommended for use in lightly loaded gearboxes that do not require an extreme-pressure gear oil.

The medium viscosity grades (ISO 150 and 220) also are recommended for
lubrication of the upper cylinders of gas compressors handling natural gas or process gas.

PDF Bearing and Circulating oil Specs