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PETROFLO CHAIN & BAR LUBRICANT is a special formulated lubricant for chains, bar guides and sprockets. PETROFLO CHAIN & BAR LUBRICANT contains a tackiness agent to reduce throw-off, an anti-wear agent, and rust and oxidation inhibitors to prevent rust.

BAR AND CHAIN LUBRICANT penetrates into the most difficult places of the lubricated assembly, however, when sprayed, it can get to where it is not necessary (on rims, tires, etc.).
Perhaps their point application. Using a syringe, you can drip with oil precisely into the right place, for example, in the intervals between the rollers and the side plates of chain links. In the cold, such lubricants thicken, which complicates the application process.
Two-component. Feature – grease easily penetrates under the rollers of the chain, then the solvent evaporates there and remains a thick grease. Before use, it takes time to dry out the solvent.
Thick, in cans or tubes. They are difficult to put in the right place of the chain. Before each maintenance, the chain must be cleaned thoroughly.
The periodicity of lubrication of the chain depends on the conditions of its operation, the quality of lubrication and weather. It is usually recommended to lubricate the chain every 500 to 1000 kilometers and after driving in the rain. It is determined that the chain is time to lubricate, it is quite simple – if in the middle of the chains of the chain sparkle with pure metal, then it is high time. This is the usual situation after driving during heavy rain, when there is a lot of water on the asphalt.

Outside the roller, excess lubrication is highly undesirable. It adheres sand, which contributes to abrasive wear and asterisks, and chain rollers. Therefore, the chain must be cleaned before lubrication. It is very important to clean the rubber seals of the chain so that sand and dust can not get under the seals.

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