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PETROFLO NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS, are low ash engine oils that offer a technology that can accommodate the diverse oil requirements of most stationary natural gas engines specifically for use in 4-stroke, spark-ignition engines which require a ‘medium ash’ oil or use sour gases such as landfill, bio or sewage gas as fuel. Additionally, the phosphorous levels PETROFLO NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS to be utilized in natural gas engines, equipped with current model catalytic converters.

PETROFLO NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS possess API CC performance credentials. PETROFLO NATURAL GAS ENGINE OILS are particularly suitable for use in Dresser-Rand (four stroke, and two stroke), Cooper-Bessemer, Cooper-Superior, Caterpillar, and Waukesha engines.

Applications Features / Benefits & Recommendations:

  • Meets exact Ash requirements for Waukesha, Worthington,Caterpillar, Delaval Enterprise, Dresser-Rand Categories I, II, and III (SAE 30), Superior.
  • Lowe phosphorous for catalytic converter compatibility. Engelhard, a major catalyst manufacturer, requires 0.03% wt. Max. phosphorous.
  • Passes L-38 for API CC performance.
  • Improved oxidation/nitration resistance, Provide excellent protection against piston, ring, and liner scuffing, scoring, and wear.
  • Meets Caterpillar requirements for TBN Min. 5.0.
  • GE Jenbacher: Series 2, 3 Fuel Class B and C
  • MAN: 3271-4
  • MHI: Mitsubishi Gas Engines.
  • Rolls Royce: KG- 1, KG-2, KG-3 (Bic Gas Operation)
  • Waukesha: Cogen Application (Pipeline Quality Natural Gas).
  • Wartsila: CR26.
  • MDE: Naturally Aspirated 28xx, 30 xx (D/M), Turbocharged 28xx 30xx (T/L/Z).
  • MAN B&W Diesel: Gas engines (Natural Gas, Landfill Gas/Digester gas/Biogas). Dual Fuel (Pilot Diesel).

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