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DESCRIPTION: PETROFLO NO DRIP HYDRAULIC OIL 3040, SUPER HEAVY DUTY OIL is formulated from selected base stocks and compounded with only the best very best additives available. Due to its uniqueness, this hydraulic oil can cut down on your hydraulic oil leakage from 50%-90%. Also, it has the ability to swell dry brittle seals where hydraulic oils tend to leak. By virtue of reduction in leakage, this product can save in maintenance costs and downtime.
PERFORMANCE: PETROFLO NO DRIP HYDRAULIC OIL 3040 will meet or exceed the requirements for industrial and mobile hydraulic systems which call for the following: VICKERS I-286S, M-2950-S; DENISON HF-1, HF-2, HF-0; RACINE VARIABLE VOLUMBE VANE PUMPS; CINCINNATI MILACRON P-68, P-69 & P-70; DIN 51524, PART 2; JEFFREY NO.: 87; FORD M-6C32; U.S. STEEL 136, 127; B.F. GOODRICH 0152; GENERAL MOTORS LH-04-1, LH-06-1, LH 15-1; COMMERCIAL HYDRAULICS; AFNORE 48-603.

DESCRIPTION: PETROFLO M.P. (MULTI-PURPOSE) ANTI-WEAR SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are formulated from structurally highest quality mid-continent base stock especially refined to meet and cope with the most rugged lubrication needs. The blended base oils are then treated with a host of select additives to impart the diverse array of qualities that are desired.

PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS: Because the specifications are of such a high level and the additive package so complete PETROFLO M.P. (MULTI-PURPOSE) ANTI-WEAR SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS meet the broad spectrum of requirements for lubricating machinery from compressors to gear boxes to sophisticated bearing systems. This broad spectrum capabilities enables the industrial purchaser to provide for most of his lubricating needs with a single product. Essentially, these premium M.P. Anti-wear series oils possess an extraordinary range of properties that act as safety factors. E.g., anti-wear properties, oxidation inhibitors, rust and corrosion inhibitors, demulsibility agents, anti-foam characteristics, extreme pressure agents etc. Specifying PETROFLO M.P. (MULTI-PURPOSE) ANTI-WEAR SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS will consolidate lubrication requirements, reduce inventory and cut oil costs drastically. Also, lubrication error which often occurs as a result of the “human factor” can now be avoided or hopefully eliminated.

APPLICATION: PETROFLO M.P. (MULTI-PURPOSE) ANTI-WEAR SERIES HYDRAULIC OILS are used in guides, ways, slides, bearings, electric motors, vacuum pumps, chains conveyors, rollers, enclosed gear boxes, compressors, hydraulic systems, general machinery, lubrication, air line lubricators, cams and many other applications.

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